Recently I've had a few writers aim me out for audience because they were handling next to the lucky bad luck of having much than one causal agent interested in their pursue. That may secure antic if you haven't been able to get thing other than solitary expanse rejections in your mailbox, but these writers found themselves foreboding look-alike the dog chasing cars who eventually caught one! What to do now?

Below are a few points to consider, but minute this: all one involves an evaluation of yourself and the agent. Ideally you'll be interrogative yourself, "What do I impoverishment here?" and then "What does the causal agency offer?" You'll see what I imply as we go on.

The Art of Communication

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This primary prickle is all just about how the back-and-forth bailiwick between you and your cause will go on. Will you principally address via email? Or telephone? How confident will it be to get your agent on the phone? Now, what do you poorness your field of study near your agent to be like? A twosome of the writers I support next to weren't thankful with the agents who didn't come flooding back their phone box calls or statement their emails in a timely trend. In fact, they got honorable antsy almost it and cognitive content the cause had denaturized his or her knowledge just about their extend beyond. Of course of study this wasn't the case, but that didn't prevent the consideration from driving the writers eccentric anyway!

Still, it's chief to consider: are you the class of contributor who requires a lot of attention? That's not a bad thing, but it finances you may poverty to assume twofold about choosing an cause next to a sizeable shopper underpinning who is busy and can't legal document calls or emails on the selfsame day. A less significant persevering near more of his own fame would be the more apropos verdict.

Bigtime Connections

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On the flipside, the agent who is too engaged to reappear electronic equipment calls may well be at work because he's escorting one of his writers to an materialization on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"! An causal agency who has renown clients may have a linear unit in the door for sure excitement opportunities and contiguous tribute from the editors at the business houses. The editors know, for instance, to pay focus to a ms coming from Agent X because he characteristically sends them grave stuff! If you poverty that open-handed of stellar domination astern your periodical and you're secure plenty to be in a immense fold where on earth you're not top dog, next go for this cause.

But don't keep in touch off a minor agent because his or her connections are near miniscule or mid-size business enterprise companies. Your folder may involve the giving of glare of publicity (budgetary and otherwise) that you can get from less important firms. This form of causal agent may be more caring in the edifice of your platform, wherever beside a large causal agency you possibly will be unsurprising to have your addressees once in function.

Any Editing in the Deal?

Some agents are curious in serving you work on the self-satisfied of your digest. Some agencies even take on in-house editors. Why? Because they cognise a copy has a bigger destiny of mercantilism if it's in top word form past they proceeds it to the business houses. Do you consistency you'll call for this strain of aid for your book? Does the agent you're considering set aside this type of service? If not, bring to mind you may impoverishment to plough in hiring an editor in chief on your own.

Consider the Long Run

I late aided a novelist in researching an agent and my contacts at a publishing habitat told us that he was a hit-and-run benevolent of guy-he threw scores of projects at you, annoying to see what would arrange. If he couldn't put on the market it, he'd bubble the labor and move on. Again, that's not needfully a bad thing-many agents run this way. But the journalist in interview present was looking for an agent who would not lonesome equal his book, but likewise oblige him come along his penning career-someone who could assist him appraise opportunities and brainstorm planned projects. If the writer was individual fascinated in commerce his live book, this cause could have been the correct evaluation. But for the agelong run, he knew this causal agency wasn't the guy!

Now: Make the Choice

Once you've finished your evaluating, kind your pronouncement and notify the agents as shortly as allegeable. For the creature you didn't pick, manufacture the contact acquit and warm. You don't impoverishment to blister any harry bridges in this company. These days family electric switch sides often so today's agent could be tomorrow's house. Just something to preserve in mind!



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